The Lotus of Life - HypnoBirthing® Classes for a natural, easy, gentle childbirth

"The HypnoBirthing class with Lizette was exactly what I was looking for.  She taught me how to be completely relaxed through breathing and visualization, addressing the initial fear and anxiety I had about child birth prior to taking the class.  Lizette’s warm and caring approach helped give me the confidence to create a beautiful, peaceful, and loving childbirth.  I still use many of the skills I learned today!"

Jennifer Peterman

"Lizette’s HypnoBirthing class helped me better understand how to be a supportive birthing partner.  The breathing and meditation practices as well as learning the techniques for light touch massage allowed me to help create the calm birthing environment we wanted.  I would recommend this class to every expectant couple." 

Hochiminh Rosario Cuevas

Dear Lizette,

"Sam and I are very happy to announce that we became parents of a beautiful baby boy on June 4th. and was 8 lb, 20.5 inches at birth. I am very happy to say that I was able to have the completely natural birth that I wanted. The breathing techniques I learned in class as well as the visualization helped me tremendously! My nurse and my doctor were both very supportive of my birth preferences, allowing me to forego an IV and move around, and use my birth ball during my entire labor. My husband, Sam, was a great birth companion as well. Thank you so much for your terrific classes. I truly feel they helped me in achieving birth the way nature intended. I will definitively recommend HypnoBirthing to all my  pregnant friends"

Ashley Thompson

"On July 14th at 4:31 am, our little Hypnobirthing baby was born. 
After 10 hours of strong labor, I started to feel the urge to push. The nurses didn't believe it was time and actually tried to get me to get up to use the restroom- I told them I couldn't stand up and that she was here. The nurse let me sit back down and I told her to check, a minute later Keira was out! I didn't push once. My body knew exactly what to do and so did my baby!! 

Thank you for everything! Your teaching is what helped prepare me for such an incredible experience. I am so grateful to have found you!"

Lauren Mott

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